Coming Home

Cover photo by Diana Hayes: Haidee Virgo with Fergus and MollyComing Home

(poetry anthology) Rainbow Publishers, 2003. 50 pages.
ISBN No. 0-9734408-0-5

Coming Home is an anthology of poetry by five poets living on Salt Spring Island who have worked together now for over fifteen years. The anthology is introduced by author, Brian Brett. The poets are Jane Goodall, Karen Shklanka, Chris Smart, Murray Reiss, Diana Hayes.




on Coming Home

Coming Home is a wonderful collection by five talented poets. Reading this book, one yearns: for movement, for a different horizon, for beauty. And it makes one ache, just a little.

This chapbook explores five complex lives. Salt Spring Islanders, all of them. They’re poets. This means in the warmth of life the cold eye must look upon singing in empty spaces, must quote Pablo Neruda, Chile’s great poet who died during the wrong revolution despite a life full of robust accumulation of detail. They have to question the weather and contemplate the magical, common things of a life lived, like firemen shucking the corn from a prolific farm, and they must remember Queequeg’s dark canoe – a coffin that became a life raft.