Salt Spring Seals


Photo by Barry Peterson, from “111 West Coast Literary Portraits”

The Salt Spring Seals began on a cold February afternoon in 2002 when I traveled to Sombrio Beach on Vancouver Island for a photo shoot. I rented wetsuits for the occasion and after the shoot I took my first winter dip in the cold waters of Juan de Fuca Strait. It was exhilarating and provided a new avenue for health and wholeness.

The same year that I began my daily swims in the ocean, I was joined first by one and then, soon after, a pod of eager swimmers – thus began the Salt Spring Seals. We are now a group of fifteen strong, swimming in the various bays of Salt Spring Island, year-round. We love to share the challenge of open water swimming and encourage curious swimmers to join us in our pursuit of wellness and aqua-adventure.


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