Moving Inland

Cover collage created by Robin Skelton to illustrate poemsMoving Inland

(poems) Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1979.
New Brunswick. 56 pages
ISBN No. 0-920110-41-X

“Moving Inland” is Diana Hayes’ first collection of poetry. Many of the poems were written while she attended the University of Victoria’s Creative Writing Department, studying with Robin Skelton, Derk Wynand, Rona Murray, Charles Lillard and Writers in Residence, John Montague and Jeni Couzyn. Cover art is a collage by Robin Skelton.





on Moving Inland

“This is a moving, deeply felt and varied (in terms of forms, voice and style) first collection. At her best Diana Hayes has a fine lyrical talent and what is most striking in Moving Inland is her ongoing search for her own true centre and the attempt — and the ability, too, in some of these poems — to write and sing from that centre.”
ROBERT SWARD, Canadian Literature.

“What is most appealing about Hayes’ work is her capacity for language. She is able to evoke a startling image cleanly and precisely, in just the right number of words. What I like best about her poetry is its voice. Here is a poetry that is almost unsaid, that is said at the verge of consciousness.”